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Welcome to Chester's Place in Chatsworth! Our service is named after our Terrier mix Chester.  He loves playing fetch in the backyard, chasing squirrels, sunning on our lawn, listening to  the birds or just plain relaxing under our trees.  

We're sure your dog will love it here too!
When your pup stays with us, we make sure she gets daily walks, bike rides for the bigger pups but most importantly, we make them part of our pack.

At Chester's Place we do not use kennels/cages (unless you instruct us do so) and we follow three important rules:  
1) We exercise our dogs because we feel this is the right thing to do for our canine friends and a tired pup is less likely to get into mischief.
2) We give them discipline as needed by setting boundaries, rules and correcting unwanted behavior.
3) Finally, we give them lots and lots of affection especially when he is caught doing something positive!

On the couch, off the couch, treats, no treats, people food or none of that...whatever your instructions are, we will do our best to keep continuity for your pup while he stays with our family.  No matter what your dog needs, we will make our best effort to accomodate her.

DHPpwithin last year
Bord - within last six months
Rv     - current 1 yr or 3 yrs.

Please understand we want to keep all our guest safe.


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  • Pet Boarding 
  • Dog Daycare (certain days) 
  • Dog Walking/Biking
  • Dog In-home visits
  • More...